Supplier of professional automation control systems for the refining industry

The integrated plant solution provided by HollySys can boost the flexibility and adaptability of the whole supply chain of the refining industry. At the same time, it is able to provide predictive diagnosis and maintenance for its advanced asset equipment, fully realising the equipment’s potential and maximising its utilisation. With the coordinated optimisation of the three major indicators, which are production, equipment, and safety, it is possible to secure the minimisation of the investment and maintenance costs within their client’s refinery’s life cycle to optimise its production operation targets.    

This is the total solution provided by HollySys for the integrated plant: 

•  Safe, reliable, and easy to use products

The usability of the MACS DCS system of HollySys is 99.999%, and the mean time between failures (MTBF) is 200,000 hours, which adequately ensures that the oil refining plant continues to run in a stable manner. The software configuration is fully compatible with the international control configuration language standard IEC61131-3.

•  Program design and program implementationl

HollySys has undertaken over thousands of projects in the oil refining industry, where it has earned a high-level of trust from its clients. During the whole refining process, we are able to provide a full set of solutions encompassing program design and project execution, which mainly includes prophase program design consultancy for the project, FEED design, and the implementation of construction work for systems such as MIV and MAC.

•  Services and optimization

24/7 operations and after sales support, online diagnosis and optimisation support.

•  System upgrade and asset optimisation management

Online upgrade programs, full lifecycle system solutions, and management of equipment asset optimisation.

•  System restructuring and expansion

Able to provide clients with system restructuring and replacement solutions, and optimised system expansion solutions.

•  Integrated system management

We provide a full range of integrated system management solutions for the automation control industry, connecting to every operating information source, collecting and storing data, providing reliable, safe, and integrated system application platforms.