HollySys successfully signed the letter of Xinfa Group Chiping Source Carbon Co., Ltd 600,000 tons/year Carbon Project. Xinfa Group is a modernized enterprise integrating power generation, heating, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, carbon, fluoride, caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbide, lime, vacuum salt, aluminum deep processing, medium and high density board Large enterprise groups, is the country's large-scale alumina, electrolytic aluminum, carbon, local thermal power plants, MDF and deep processing base.

The project is designed to meet the development of 660KA electrolytic aluminum production capacity. The prebaked anode is designed with an annual capacity of 600,000 tons, including three calcining, forming and roasting workshops, covering raw material transfer station, liquid asphalt storage and calcination, raw anode forming workshop, roasting and carbon block transfer station, residual processing workshop and laboratory and other sections.

The project adopts the HOLLiAS MACS-K DCS system platform to monitor the whole device uniformly. The total data of the data points is more than 25,000 points. Among them, the I/O physical measurement points of the DCS system are directly connected to 10,000 points, material and other supporting intelligent equipment using PROFIBUS-DP field bus, MODBUS / TCP and other means of communication control and management, communication points up to 15,000 points, a total of DCS controller configuration 25 pairs of on-site I/O control cabinet 64, Distribution cabinet 10, 2 sets of server cabinets and so on.