HollySys Successfully Signed with Xinjiang East Hope Group for 4 x 660MW Ultra-Supercritical Thermal Power Unit Project.

During the project tracking process, Hangzhou HollySys and Liaison Office and the Ministry of Thermal Power Industry attached great importance to the project. Sales manager Mr. Yang Ming has lead the technical team and fully demonstrated the company in the thermal power unit on the technical superiority and service capabilities, has been fully recognized by customers, and ultimately the company in the fierce competition has successfully win the bid, HollySys and East Hope had signed a DEH + DCS + OTS whole plant integration contract.

East Hope Group is a business involving large areas of electricity, nonferrous metals, bio-chemical, coal chemical, chlor-alkali chemical, petrochemical, mining and building materials, electrolytic aluminum, alumina, methanol, dimethyl ether, PVC, PTA, cement private enterprise groups, the existing subordinate enterprises more than 150, 24,000 employees, the annual output value of nearly 70 billion yuan, is one of China's top 500 enterprises.