On 1st March 2017, HollySys LK Series Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) successfully passed Wurldtech Achilles International Certification. HollySys was the first to obtain Achilles Level I Certification of large PLC suppliers in China.

During last November, the Achilles Certification of LK220 was officially launched. Fuzzing test, storm test, resource exhaustion test, error data type test were carried out for basic TCP / IP protocol stack and industrial application layer bus respectively Integrity testing work. Through the continuous optimization of the code, and ultimately overcome the malicious attacks, incomplete messages, broadcast storms and other scenarios, the controller bottom of the control bus still able to maintain the normal operation of the technical difficulties.

HollySys LK Series PLC has obtained the Achilles Level I Certification to prove that our organization’s LK Control System Information Security capabilities have reached the international advanced standards, help to enhance the benefits of products in the smart plant, intelligent equipment, and intelligent city applications.