HollySys was the first company in China to standardise the development and implementation of MES systems. HOLLiAS Bridge, the MES of HollySys was successfully applied in industries such as electric power, chemical, fertiliser, chlor-alkali, coke, petrochemical, synthetic fiber, energy, transport, cement, beer, alcohol, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries, and successfully implemented in over 400 companies. The widespread promotion of HOLLiAS Bridge in different industries and their successful application of the system in those different industries has earned great reputation for HollySys.

Functional framework

Typical structure

• History of widespread application: With over a decade of experience in building IT systems and the application of over 400 MES systems in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, construction materials, electric power, and pharmaceutical industries, HollySys' products have received good user reviews during those years. The largest project ever implemented went through many thousand points of application trials with a maximum of over 60 connections.

• Long-standing industry presence: HollySys has over 20 years of presence in the process industry, hence its relatively deep understanding of the industry, and understanding of business needs in the IT industry. All the functional modules that were developed came from industry needs and were actually applied in these industries and really reflected the needs of the clients, satisfying industry application needs.

• Well-established solutions: The modular structure of the system satisfies different levels of needs by clients from different companies. The modules include production planning, production scheduling, production management, production statistics, performance appraisal, energy management, quality management, assets management, meter management, inventory management, batch management, safety and environmental production, and finally integrating the whole process with the ERP system.

• Strong technical capabilities: HollySys provides a range of services including product R&D, program design, engineering implementation, and after-sales service. Currently, the technical team comprises over 100 employees. Most of the project consultants, designers, and implementers have many years of experience in implementation and development. Thus, they are able to guarantee the quality of your projects, and also that your projects can be completed within the stipulated project-phase period.

• Complete after-sales service: Engineers at HollySys are located all over China, and main countries and regions of Southeast Asia and India, which are able to provide users with fast and timely services. Once a problem is discovered, they will be able to rush to the site to provide solutions to the user in a timely manner. The user can dial the integrated service hotline to obtain fast and convenient services to ensure that the system is running normally to the largest extent.

Functional indicators
Technological characteristics
Advanced production management system

•  ISA95 standards as design guidelines

•  Based on real-time production process data

•  Integrated control of the planning layer, execution layer and control layer

•  Integrates 3 flows: material flow, cash flow, and data flow

•  Supports cross-regional and multi-industry control by the Group

•  Complete enterprise model management

SOA-based advanced technology platform

•  Platform-based

•  Advanced

•  Safety

•  Reliability

•  Open

•  Distributed

•  Integrated

•  Modular & Block structure

Flexible and integrated design

•  Integrated desig

•  Flexible

•  Designed based on international standards
•  Easy to use

•  Excellent product design

•  Excellent personalised design

•  Rapidly implementable