The AMG 1041 ultra-thin analogue output isolator also transmits 4-20mA signals generated by controllers in isolation, driving the field operating mechanism. Such products will require an independent power supply, and the isolation of power source, input, and output.

Input and output characteristics:


Input Current

4- 20mA, d.c.; 0- 20mA, d.c.

Maximum Current

< 30 mA, d.c.

Input Voltage Drop

≤1.5 V, d.c. with 20mA


Output Current

4- 20mA, d.c.; 0- 20mA, d.c.

Load resistance: RL≤680Ω

current <30mA, d.c.

Output voltage

1-5V,d.c.; 0-5V,d.c.

Load resistance::RL≥10kΩ

Applicable technical parameters:

Number of channels: 1

Supply voltage20 - 35V,d.c .

Current consumption: ≤50 mA (with a 24 V source and a 20mA output)

Output accuracy: 0.1% F.S.

Temperature drift: 0.05% F.S./10℃

Response time: ≤5ms

Dielectric strength: 1500 V, a . c .;1 min (between source, input, and output)

Insulation resistance: 100M Ω;5 0 0V, d . c .(between source, input, and output)

Power protection: Inverse power protection

Electromagnetic compatibility: Compliant with GB/T 18268(IEC 61326-1)

Instrument structure: Ultra-thin PBT retardant-burn molded case structure

Weight: Around 45g

Applicable field equipment:

2-wire valve positioner and electrical convertor

Usage environment:

1) The surrounding environment should not have electromagnetic induction effects such as strong vibrations, shocks, major currents and sparks, and there should not be any substance in the air that would corrode the chromium, nickel, or silver plating, and there should not be flammable or explosive substances

(2) Continuous working temperature: -20℃  - +60℃

(3) Storage temperature: -40℃  - +80℃

(4) Relative humidity: 10% -90%RH.



The AMG1000 series isolator uses DIN35mm rail mounting.  

Steps for installation:

1)      Mount the metallic portions below the instrument onto the track.

2)      Push the upper metallic portion below the instrument onto the track.