BOND’s history began in 1979. Today, BONDis a specialized Total Mechanical & Engineering (M & E) solutions provider. Being in Malaysia and Singapore, BONDoperates a seamless and borderless operation where resources such as experienced engineers and a skilled workforce are deployed for many M & E projects.

BONDspecializes in all kinds of mechanical and electrical system installation for factories, cleanrooms, data centres, banks, hospitals, airfields, power stations, gas & instrumentation plants, hotels, commercial & residential buildings, as well as infrastructure works. The company provides design and installation (as a General Contractor), monitoring and testing, the overall value solutions and services.

Today, BONDhas grown to become Southeast Asia’s premier one-stop M & E solutions provider, one of the largest of its kind. BOND’s excellent track record over the years is the best testament to The Company’s commitment to deliver only the best to its clients.

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