Founded in 1993, HollySys is a leading automation and IT solutions provider in the region of China and Southeast Asia, focusing on the areas of process automation, factory automation, railway transport automation and mechanical & engineering (M&E). In 2008, HollySys was listed on NASDAQ under the stock quote HOLI. After more than 20 years of stable growth, HollySys has established more than 60 representative offices in China, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East and Europe. We strive to create more value to the society and improve the quality of life of people around the world.

In the field of process automation, our industrial control systems are widely used in major engineering and technology devices such as million-KW large-scale ultra-supercritical thermal power plants, 10-million-tonne oil refining equipment, million-KW nuclear power plant instrumentation and control systems. There are approximately 12,000 sets used in thermal power, petrochemical, fine chemicals, metallurgy, construction materials and F&B.

We have developed our own programmable logic controller (PLC) and motion controller (MC) series for factory automation which are CE and UL certified. These products are widely used in railway, mine shafts, oilfields, water treatment and machine equipment control.

In the field of railway transport automation, our signalling system and its series products gained international safety certification. The high-end products such as 350km high-speed railway onboard train safety control system and large urban railway transport control system are widely used in the market.

In 2011 and 2013, HollySys acquired Concord Corporation and Bond Group. These two subsidiaries specializes in M&E solutions for rail transportation infrastructure, plants, factories, cleanrooms, data centres, banks, hospitals, airfields, hotels, commercials and residential buildings.