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Pulps and Papers Industry

paper.jpgSince Chinese invention of paper-making 2,000 years ago, paper has taking a significant part in people’s life. In developed countries, the growth rate of paper consumption keeps pace with the GDP. The role of pulp and paper industry played in economy attracts a lot more attention and it is always recognized as the everlasting industry.


Under the circumstance of globalization and strict environmental protection, the pulp and paper industry is showing the tendency to high speed, high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, continuity, process automation and environment friendly.


China is a big country with huge consumption and manufacturing capacity of paper, but there is considerable technology gap between China paper industry and western countries. Some companies are still using low process automation with the features of low productivity, low quality, high power consumption and low efficiency. Recently, thanks to the innovation of devices and equipments, the development of computer and communication technology, DCS is frequently applied to control the process of pulp and paper in China. It results in a big growth in both quality and productivity.


Facing the entire pulp and paper industry, HollySys provides a complete solutions for paper & pulp industry covering every process of the whole plant, including raw material preparation, pulp making, alkaline recovery, wet end, dry end of paper machine, conveying system, steam boiler, plant power transmission & distribution as well as sewage treatment. We helps customers to enhance its strength and market competenceachieving more social and economical benefits. We have over 100 DCS application in pulps and paper industries providing a complete solution to the plant.

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