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Since 1995, supplying, installing, and commissioning Automation and Control products to the Electric Power plant projects has been one of the most important business sectors of HollySys. HollySys provides Total Automation and Control solution for the Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant. The core products that we offer to this marker are our series of DCS (Distributed Control System) solution brand named as HOLLiAS DCS platform. We offer a wide range of advanced, practical, and reliable industrial automation system platform including MACS-FM and MACS-SM series DCS which is already at its fourth generation design in HollySys.


Power Plant



For Plant Automation in Turbomachinery Equipment such as steam turbine supervisory control, HollySys offers specialized control system which compliments the DCS we offered. Our offerings includes DEH (Digital Electro-Hydraulic) and ETS (Emergency Trip System). Software solution offerings includes MES (Manufacturing Enterprise System), HOLLiAS Bridge, HAMS (HOLLiAS Assets Management System), SimuPlant (Simulation Plant System), RMIS (Real-time Management Information System), computer interlocking system, and so on.


We have executed projects covering almost all aspects of the production process from boilers, steam turbine, electrical control, water network control, coal network control, to ash network control. For instrument level control, it can be based on conventional control or advanced coordination and control. For management level, we provide the plant and equipment-level monitoring, Information management, and simulation system integration. A typical power plant is divided into various sub-system such as DAS, MCS, CCS, SCS, FSSS, BMS, ECS, ETS, DEH, BPS, AGC, MEH, coal input control, SIS (Burner Management System/ Emergency Trip System), and optimization control. All these integrated solutions provide a total solution for any typical power plant automation covering most aspects of the process.


In the scope of project capacity we have done, HollySys have provided power plant automation from the typical small 6MW power plant to the ultra large 1,000MW ultra-supercritical power plant. This includes the captive (corporate-owned) power plants or the industrial power plants. The types of boiler include pulverized-coal (Drum boiler, DC boiler), Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB), chain type or other types of boiler; Co-generation and Combined Cycle; and simulation system available for 200MW to 600MW. To date, the company has contracted around 3,000 power projects, of which more than 160 newly signed are the 300MW power plants including the 1,000MW ultra-supercritical control projects. HollySys is currentlythe top market players in terms of power plant automation in China.


HollySys has achieved a wealth load of automation and control experience in the arenas of thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, hydroelectric power, and other alternative clean energy. Hence, we are able to provide users with a complete and total automation solution for the electric power generation industries.

HollySys Strength in Electric Power Generation Industries

Capability in power plant automation Strong background and performance with total solutions in power automation, abundant reference in Asia.
Reference in power plant comprehensive control

1,000 MW ultra-supercritical units: 4 units

600~800MW units: 18 units

300 MW units: >140 units

<300MW: 70% market share in China

References in DEH (Digital Electro-Hydraulic) Application More than 3000 projects which are located in China and oversea market, covering capacity from 6WM to 1000MW.


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