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Nuclear power is one of the hallmarks of a strategic high-tech power industry. It is also a measurement of a country’s development level in economy, science, technology, power and industrialization. Nuclear power generation has become the first choice of clean energy in China facing unprecedented development opportunities. The rapid development of China’s nuclear power industry has brought substantial market demands for the nuclear power plant (NPP) monitoring systems, automation systems, and instruments and control (I&C) equipments including field instruments.

HollySys was the first China’s enterprise company to enter the nuclear power I&C industry field. HollySys, with a reliable and high-technology automation platform, has provided the nuclear power plant end-to-end digital instrument and control system solution. Firstly, HollySys provides customize development of the nuclear power plant computer system, conventional island distributed control systems, Balance of Plant (BOP) control instrument and specific sub-systems, instrument-level nuclear safety control system, and so forth. Secondly, HollySys can extend and upgrade the systems meeting specific needs of the software and hardware requirements of the project. HollySys can design and develop either for upgrades or providing a better running information and management system. HollySys is readily to provide professional services for the full life cycle of a nuclear power plant. With the capability to take care of the entire process from the opening phase of providing project’s technical advice and back-up support to the digital instrument control system engineering design, procurement sets, integration testing, installation, and trial operation. HollySys also provides maintenance, support, and specialized services for the operation of the nuclear power plant life cycle.

Digital I&C system is the information nerves center of the nuclear power plant to guarantee a safe, reliable, and stable economic operation as well as enhancing the level of production management. It plays as the major role of the entire automation process of the nuclear power plant creating even further values for the users.

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Since 1995, HollySys starts providing solutions for the nuclear power plant automation in China and since then, we have been continuously providing digital I&C system for the nuclear power plant. Through hardship of innovation and development, HollySys has now self-developed products and solution for the nuclear power plant control system. With more than 10 years of experience and over 40 successful NPP projects, HollySys has both the ability to become very competitive product suppliers and service providers.

  • In 1997, HollySys developed China’s first computer control system for the nuclear power plant. The system was exported to Pakistan Chashma 300MW NPP and has been successfully operating ever since.
  • In 1998, Qingshan Phase II NPP adopted HollySys DCS system. It is equip with centralized supervision and safety control of the nuclear power plant with system of conventional island design.
  • In 2004, HollySys was the first to enter the field of nuclear safety testing and successfully implemented the project of digital safety testing devices.
  • In 2005, HollySys became the localized sub-contractor of Ling’Ao Nuclear Power Plant phase II, and undertaking the project implementation for digital I&C system.
  • In 2007, HollySys has successfully developed its first generation totally digital I&C system, the HOLLiAS NMS system.

By far, HollySys has 44 signed and completed contracts within our nuclear power business unit covering almost all of the China’s Nuclear Power Plant either in construction or in operation. These have put us in the top league in competition among other competitors in China. This vast achievement wins recognition from our customers, at the same time, have proven the reliability and safety of our solution, and the professionalism in our engineering services that we provided.




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HollySys developed Chinese first control system for nuclear power plant in 1997 and the system is still in service, provides control & monitoring total solution for both conventional island and nuclear island with its proprietary systems.


HollySys has over 20 units records with 14 units within the 1,000MW-class, its NPP products and solution are utilized in various nuclear power plants such as:

  • China Zhejiang Qinshan phase I, phased II, phased III
  • China Guangdong Dayawan
  • China Guangdong Ling-Ao
  • Multi-testing reactors such as Qinghua University Nuclear Research Institute and China’s Atomic Energy Research Institute, covering various reactor types such as pressure water reactor, high temperature gas-cooled reactor, and various others.




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