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HollySys Core Business


HollySys Automation Technologies specializes in industrial automation, rail automation and mechanical & engineering (M&E) solutions, with proven track records in industries, railways and buildings. Founded in 1993, HollySys listed its common stock on Nasdaq Global Selected Market under the stock quote "HOLI", with subsidiaries in China, Southeast Asia, India and Middle East.


HollySys Automation Technologies is headquartered in China and its international business HQ is located in Singapore. Through the localization of product development, marketing, customer communication and service work, HollySys had established itself as the local leading supplier providing solutions in the area of industrial automation, railway automation and M&E.


Developing with the future in mind, HollySys provides value-added solutions, customised products and systems with timely quality service for our extensive number of users. HollySys aims to create more value for customers and realise the goal of Better Life.


Hollysys Automation Technologies has approximately 3,500 employees with nationwide presence in over 40 cities in China, with subsidiaries and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, India, and serves over 2000 customers in the industrial, railway, subway & nuclear industries in China, south-east Asia, and the middle east. Its proprietary technologies are applied in its industrial automation solution suite including Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), RMIS, HAMS, OTS, and other products, high-speed railway signaling system of Train Control Center(TCC) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP), and other products, subway supervisory and control platform (SCADA), and nuclear conventional island automation and control system. HollySys is the largest SCADA systems supplier to China's subway automation market, and is the only certified domestic automation control systems provider to the nuclear industry in China. HollySys is also one of only five automation control systems and products providers approved by China's Ministry of Railways in the 200km to 250km high-speed rail segment, and is one of only two automation control systems and products providers approved in the 300km to 350km high-speed rail segment.

HollySys has achieved a wealth load of automation and control experience in the multiple business sectors such as Electric Power, Renewable Energy, Chemical, Petrochemical, Cement Processing, Mining and Metal Processing, Environment Protection, Pulps and Papers, Factory Machinery and Manufacturing, Railway and Subway, and Nuclear Power Instrumentation and Control. For the past 16 years, the HollySys name has always been standing as a symbol of quality and reliability in China. HollySys offers a wide range of automation and control products from PLCs to DCS to help you find the solution for any automation and process control application. Through our sustainable business and continuous development in the area of automation, we are able to provide users with a complete and total automation solution for the industries process sectors.

Our corporate mission is to be one of the major platform providers in Automation and Control with innovative technological products and solution back by the highest quality of services and support. We hope to utilize our expertise in the arena of automation technology for better work, life, and environment. We are now the global supplier of choice for innovative technology backed by the highest level of service and support. When you need products and solutions you can rely on, choose HollySys.